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Misson Statement

Amplify the diverse voices and opinions of the community.
Inform, educate, entertain and engage listeners of all ages and lifestyles.
Pursue a balanced coverage of current events, personalities, cultural and
political Issues.
Promote responsible community development.



When we first conceived the idea of constructing and operating a community radio station in the parish of Trelawny, and in particular the Duncans community, we wanted a name that was simple and catchy, yet, at the same time, one that was in sync with our goals and objective of responsible community development.  

After toying with many names, we finally settled on FIT.    

The name FIT embodies at least three main characteristics;

Proper, Appropriate, and Suitable.


Proper as inharmonious with reason, customs and propriety.

Appropriate as beneficial.

Suitable as in being able to meet the needs and requirements of the community we intend to serve.  


The name FIT is not an acronym. FIT is simply and powerfully FIT.


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