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Flash flood watch in effect for all parishes

The Meteorological Service of Jamaica has issued a flash flood watch for low-lying and flood-prone areas of all parishes effective until 5pm on Saturday.

According to the met office, a persistent trough of low pressure across the western Caribbean continues to produce unstable weather conditions across the island. Satellite imagery and rainfall data indicate that light to moderate, and at times heavy showers and thunderstorms occurred across sections of most parishes during the night, especially across eastern and south-central parishes, the met office said.

The forecast, the office said, is for cloudy conditions with periods of showers and thunderstorms, which could be heavy at times, to continue across sections of all parishes, and especially southern and northeastern parishes, this morning through to Sunday. Strong gusty winds in the vicinity of thunderstorms are likely especially over southern parishes on Friday through to Sunday, the office said.

The met office also noted that over the past few days, the island has been experiencing periods of rainfall, and as such there is a high degree of ground saturation. As a result, landslides and flooding are possible, the office said. A flash flood watch means that flash flooding is possible and residents are advised to take precautionary measures.


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