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Finishing touches being done to Falmouth drop-in centre

Construction workers are now applying the finishing touches to the structure to house a drop-in centre in Falmouth, Trelawny that is being established by the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development at a cost of $16 million.

The facility is aimed at providing relief for the homeless in Falmouth and its environs.

"The drop-in centre will provide warm meals for homeless people, a place for them to shower and (have a) change of clothes, as well as a temporary place to rest," Falmouth Mayor, Colin Gager, indicated in an interview.

It is one of the several similar facilities to be built across the country to assist needy persons under the ministry's social protection programme.

The Government is expected to provide a subvention of $150,000 to each drop-in centre to support their operation.

Gager said the Trelawny Poor Relief Department will be seeking to reconnect the homeless with their families.

He added that presently, the homeless in Falmouth are being provided with five hot meals per week at the Trelawny Infirmary.

"We are happy that the construction phase of the building is now nearly completed; it is just some fine-tuning work going on now. We want to ensure that the indigent are cared for, especially in this COVID era," Gager stated.


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